Finitiative club organized a speaker session on “Empowering Investors through Financial Education” for the students of batch 11. As part of the celebratory event “Niv @25 (Silver to Century)" honoring the 25thanniversary of Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL).The session was led by Mr. Yogesh Kundnani, Senior Vice President CDSL. The session was held on Saturday, 12th August -2023 at 12:00PM.

The speaker session by Mr. Yogesh Kundnani, Senior Vice President CDSL, on the subject of "Empowering Investors through Financial Education" placed a strong emphasis on the necessity of investing in one's education and self-improvement in order to be successful in financial planning.

  • The speaker underlined that being financially successful requires not just having money but also making wise financial decisions.
  • The significance of investment psychology and its impact on the results of investments were discussed. Participants discovered that by adopting a positive outlook on investing, individuals can make decisions that are in line with their financial objectives.

  • He explained to us the significance of the Sensex, the capital market, and demat accounts and how they all play important roles.
  • He discussed mutual funds, which are simpler to use and require less understanding than direct investments. Additionally, he gave lessons on the layout of the Indian Securities Market and gave advice on how to conduct company research, analyze the results, and make sensible financial decisions.

  • The students were then given an overview of the KYC requirements as well as the physical demat account opening process.
  • Additionally, he discussed sound trading techniques and clarified the importance of conducting research before making an investment in the secondary market, including examining dividend shares and overall performance.
  • The session was an eye opener for the students on SEBI's position in the market, the rights, and obligations of investors. The talk concluded with a Q&A session.