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Maggi in a kettle"                                                                               Have you ever stayed in a hostel? How did it go? Do you remember that time you had to rely on your cooking skills? Now, what if you only have your kettle and a packet of noodles to satisfy your midnight cravings? The first time I entered a hostel was when I joined my post-grad program at XIME Kochi. It was an entirely different experience because there were no parents and I was having fun 24/7 with my friends. Oh, what fun! However, a particular thing that really pissed me off was no midnight cooking (sobs), so I could not satisfy my midnight cravings. Yet, desperate times call for desperate measures, one of which is the famous kettle maggie. No rocket science involved here, just a lot of burnt fingers and wandering around the hostel knocking at each and every door looking for a packet of spicy masala. Water is poured in, boiled, and all kinds of spices are added, followed by

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